Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Wetness

Tomorrow the 2007 Summer Madness festival begins, and it looks like it's going to be a wet one - Summer Wetness, rather than Summer Madness... I'm heading down later on to put up a tent for Bert and me to stay in, although I'm still favouring the option of commuting to the event - we're not a million miles away from it, and it means I'll get a decent sleep!

This year it's the 21st birthday of Summer Madness, having previously been running at CastleArchdale in County Fermanagh in the early years, then Gosford Forest Park at Markethill, and now at Balmoral Showgrounds (the King's Hall) in Belfast. My first year was 1999, and I've always enjoyed it.

I might have previously mentioned that it has always been a special place for me, and it was where I believe I felt the call to ordination - both in 1999 (when I fought it) and in 2002 (when I consented). So now I'm giving something back, by working on the prayer ministry team this year. Can't wait!

Not sure if I'll be updating much for the next few days, but watch this space - there may be ways and means of updating the blog!


  1. Hi Gary

    Enjoy madness, it'll be sad not being there, but I've got plenty of UK chocolate and fruit gums left to stave off any pangs longing for home.

    Hi to all

    See you in a few months....


  2. Ways and means if you decide to sleep at home...!

    Those of us who know have ways and means.