Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today we had the Down and Dromore Diocesan Synod in Moira. Representatives from each parish gathered to discuss the mission of the church, as well as the business reports from our various committees.

One of the more encouraging items of business was something drawn from the Methodist tradition - a conversation on the work of God. Basically it was an open forum where members could share what God has been doing in parishes and people's lives recently. The stories that were told linked in to the theme of Bishop Harold's address as he reflected on the first ten years of his episcopacy. The tag line for the address was 'Stop talking about decline' - because the figures show that Down and Dromore diocese is not in decline! We are growing, under the blessing and grace of God.

[Speaking of the ten years Harold Miller has been Bishop of Down and Dromore reminds me of the night he was enthroned in Dromore Cathedral - it was my birthday, and Harold led the congregation in singing happy birthday to me in the hall after the speeches, due to the workings of Roderic West!]

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