Thursday, June 07, 2007

Belfast Castle

I got back from Scotland last night. Sadness. Five weeks until I see Lynsey again (with her finals in between). Then it will be the weekend of the Kee-Wilkinson wedding. Good times to look forward to!

Today I headed off in the sun. I was nominally heading towards Templepatrick - to visit the Book Aid shop at the Haven Christian Centre, but didn't want to go on the Airport Road or Dundrod, having come home that way last night. So I ended up going through Belfast and up the Antrim Road. Saw a sign for Belfast Castle, which I had never been to before, so swung up round it.

There's a great wee antiques shop in the basement of the castle. Got some very nice prints by a local artist at a bargainous price. Then I had a wander in the grounds with my camera. I seem to be in a very photography mood recently. Maybe it's my creative side coming out (eventually!). Tried to get a picture of the Harland & Wolff gantries, but even standing on a park bench, they were just out of sight. So instead I took photos of some of the nice poppies in white, red and pink in the cat garden, and got the above angle on the castle.

As always, check out my Flickr account for lots more recent photos!

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