Monday, June 04, 2007

No rest for the wicked

When it came to Thursday night, and the end of term Communion service and the later bash at the Principal's house, my holidays had started. You hear holiday and think - relaxation; unwinding; taking it easy. I laugh at such notions! The start to my summer holidays has been hectic, but I'm starting to relax now.

Friday was the appointed day for going to Tesco in Lisburn. With the parentals not driving, and me heading off for a few days, it was absolutely necessary for the groceries to be got in before I headed away. You can't have the family starving, now, can you? Then it was off to Lurgan to lift dad from work (and to get a hair cut), before running Neil to Sprucefield for urgent electrical supplies. Home again, got changed and out to Belfast (via Dromara), to a service in Richview Presbyterian Church on the Donegall Road. It was the Licensing service for Father David McCarthy, who is now a Preacher of the Gospel and a Probationer for the Ministry. An excellent service, with musical anthems from the King's Chorale (which David is in), and good congregational singing. He now begins to work full time in Abbot's Cross Presbyterian, in Newtownabbey. May the Lord bless you, David.

A late night led into an early morning, up at the scrake of dawn and off to Aldergrove for my flight to Scotland. I'm here in Dundee for a few days in the time between my exams finishing and before Lynsey's last few weeks of revision before her finals kick in. Yesterday morning we again went to Logie's both morning and evening, enjoying and being challenged by the preaching.

Today I went off to St Andrew's and explored the castle and ruined cathedral. Some photos will no doubt soon follow on Flickr, when I get back home and connect the camera up to the computer! Still two days before I go home again, so I will go and enjoy them!

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