Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The wedding

Now that the photos are online and I have a wee bit of time before I head off for the afternoon, I thought I would do a more fuller blog posting about the wedding from last Saturday. So here goes...

As I've said, Bryan Kee married Louise Wilkinson in the Scottish city of Dundee; in the famous old St Peter's Free Church - the church of Robert Murray M'Cheyne (who I'm sure I've mentioned on the blog a few times before). Joined by family and friends, it was a very special day, and all enjoyed it immensely.

The weather even held up for it - a mostly sunny day, with the only rain coming when we were driving to and from getting the photos taken at Megginch Castle. (I've since learnt that part of Rob Roy was filmed there!) The reception was held in the Apex Hotel on the quayside in City Quay, and the evening sunshine was beautiful out across the quays. The meal was very good, as was the venue - a good size of a room for the number of guests.

The photographer was very good, taking thousands of photos over the day, which will soon be uploaded to his website to have a look at. The evening entertainment was a pianist who played in the background, enabling people to catch up on the craic, and also make new friends.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. Contrary to the (joking) expectations of my family, the whole experience hasn't put me off looking forward to my own - it being exactly one year today until I marry Lynsey! Here's to that day, when Bryan and Louise will become my siblings-in-law!

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