Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Twelfth

Magherabeg drums
Originally uploaded by Gary McMurray.

As you have probably noticed, today is the Twelfth of July. It's a public holiday in Northern Ireland, and is marked by Orange parades across the country.

The South-West Conference of the Orange Order had their demonstration in Laurencetown and Lenaderg, at the place where King Billy forded the Bann at Huntly. This morning it was wet, wet, wet as the brethren assembled on the Huntly Road, and the rain persisted during the outward parade. Rain, as well as meaning there were umbrellas aplenty. But it also means that the lambeg drums couldn't be brought out.

During the service and speeches, the weather cleared, and the sun came out! All this meant that the parade on the way back was much better, and the lambeg drums could be heard! The photo illustrating this posting is of the drums with my brother's lodge, Magherabeg True Blues LOL 838.

In total, I took 550 or so photos, and am working through sorting and renaming them. So far I only have a few of Magherabeg online at Flickr, but more will come after the weekend... Tomorrow morning I'm heading off to Scotland for the Wilkinson-Kee wedding!

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