Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Raiding the pockets of a younger me

There are always things to be getting on with, especially in my room, which is perpetually untidy. I reckon the untidiness of the room is partly due to the mountains of books... so the sooner I get a proper study the better (or should that be a library... wonder if my future parishes will build me a library in the garden of the curatage / rectory?).

Anyways, with the prospect of moving out of this house in 11 months (DV), I'm reckoning I need to reduce the amount of stuff I have. So this afternoon I tackled the wardrobe. It's always been a problem as there doesn't seem to be much room in it, and my just done ironing often ends up hanging on the door handle, rather than in the wardrobe.

I now see the magnitude of the problem. I've found lots of clothes that are too small, and will be taken to a charity shop in the very near future. One of the most interesting things I discovered, though, were a couple of suits from a while back. Those poor suits, one day they were being worn of a Sunday, and then a new suit came (or the suit became too small), and they were forgotten.The suits too will be going to a charity shop (reduce, reuse, recycle), so I had to 'raid the pockets' to see what was in there.

Mostly, just old orders of service from church, pens etc. The grossest thing was a half packet of polo mints with a best before date of Feb 1999. (I haven't tried them to see if they're ok)... Well, at least they'll be cleared and out of the house very shortly!

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