Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cast of Characters: Book Review

Max Lucado must be one of the most prolific Christian writers around today. Inside the latest of his offerings, there is a list of 24 Inspirational books, 29 Children's books, 25 Gift books, 3 works of fiction and 3 Bibles on which he has been the General Editor. Having spotted the latest book on offer in the Evangelical Bookshop in Belfast, I bought it, and have now finished reading it.

It was only as I recognised some of the chapters that I realised that it says on the front cover 'From the writings of Max Lucado.' So the book Cast of Characters is actually a re-hashing of pre-released chapters from other books. Like a Pick And Max, if you will. If you've ever read He Still Moves Stones, Next Door Saviour, A Love Worth Giving, In The Grip of Grace, Six Hours One Friday, A Gentle Thunder, Facing Your Giants, He Chose The Nails, When God Whispers Your Name, The Great House of God, 3:16, The Applause of Heaven, or No Wonder They Call Him the Saviour, then you might be reading old material.

That said, it's maybe no bad thing. For this volume there is a new introduction and conclusion, which ties them together. The point Lucado makes is that if God uses this mixed bag of failures and flops, then maybe God can also use us, and include us within His Kingdom.

However, the reason I read Lucado's books is because he is a great illustrator. Read even one chapter of one of his books, and you'll see he is a wordsmith, with carefully constructed clauses and stirring sentences. Light reading, yet good reading at the same time.

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