Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Il Divo In Concert

Last night was the eventual completion of the in-laws' Christmas present, having bought tickets for the Il Divo concert way back last year. Il Divo ('the stars') put on a tremendous show in Belfast's Odyssey Arena, on their return to Belfast, for one night only. With their own orchestra and accomplished musicians, the sound was loud and large, combined with their powerful voices, and a heart-pounding bass from the speakers.

I hadn't really heard them before, so this was my first experience of Il Divo, but I need not have worried. Most of their songs were familiar (although sung in languages other than English, which was a tad annoying), but the lady behind gave a running commentary to her neighbour which I overheard, including what songs were from which album, and which were her favourites... Less good was that fact that said lady then proceeded to sing along, making me wonder whether she realised we could hear her in front!

One last comment from her illustrates my slight unease at being present at what may be described as a female hormone rush. As they were introducing the singers of Il Divo, she proceeded to say very loudly, "Oh, he's gorgeous" when they came to her favourite of the group. The Spanish chap in the group, Carlos Marin, welcomed all the laydeez to the event, and proceeded to flirt with them the rest of the evening. Ladies night indeed.

One of their finale songs was Amazing Grace. Why is it that most singers use this as a song for the finale? However, it wasn't as good as Hayley Westenra's version - at least Hayley had a live piper with her, whereas Il Divo had video footage of a piper on the back screen and a horrible sounding pipe voice on the keyboard. Must do better! While most people in the audience were praising Il Divo at the end of this one with their applause, cheers and whistles, I must confess that my heart was praising King Jesus, for the amazing grace he rescued me with, and which will carry me home. So it wasn't all bad!

All in all, a good concert, but something must be done about the Odyssey car park. We spent half an hour in the queue to get out, as they were taking the money off cars at the barrier, rather than using the ticket machines. I think this actually took longer. Is there a better system to clear the car park quicker?

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