Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Face in the Crowd

Over at Gigapan, there's an incredible photo on view at present. It's from the Inauguration of President Barack Obama, and is so detailed, you can zoom in and see almost every face in the crowd, in focus!

It was taken on a 1474 Megapixel camera - mine makes it as far as 10 Megapixels. For any Americans reading, see if you can see yourself in the crowd!


  1. Hi Gary - yes I've seen this one too, it's amazing. I found out some more info. It's made up of 220 photos taken with an ordinary Canon G10 compact camera attached to this nifty bit of kit called a gigapan - see link

  2. saw this a while ago...don't you think Dick Cheney looks a wee bit like a cartoon villain in his wheelchair and hat?