Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Review

It's the last day of the month of March, so time for another review of the month's blog postings. March 2009 had 37 bloggings, the busiest March since records began, although March 2007 came close with 35.

So what has been happening in my life and on the blog this month?

Like the (most of) the rest of Northern Ireland and the wider world, there was shock when murder at the hands of terrorists returned to our wee province, first with the murder of the two Sappers, then of Constable Carroll.

My two preachings in March were from Titus, as we began a new series in the evenings, and after I introduced Titus (audio), I spoke on the qualifications for Christian leaders (audio).

On the music front, there were the Hayley Westenra and Il Divo concerts, as well as thoughts on Kelly Clarkson and Flo Rida. We also launched a new feature, 'what's on your iPod?' part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

My reading yielded reviews of Max Lucado's Cast of Characters, Mark Driscoll's Death by Love, Kirsten Birkett's The Essence of Darwinism, and John Grisham's The Appeal. More books were read during March thanks to the week's relaxing holiday in Lanzarote, but the reviews will come during April.

I think my favourite posting of the month was my reflection on Psalm 67, 'The Answer to Their Prayers.'

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