Monday, July 13, 2009

The Belfast Twelfth

I'm currently standing on the Dublin Road in Belfast, watching the Twelfth parade on the 13th. An hour of the parade has gone by but now there's a long delay. Not quite sure why. We're up to the middle of District 6 Ballymacarrett.

The Twelfth in the city is a lot different to a country Twelfth such as I'm more used to. So far it has all been flute bands, apart from two accordian bands. No pipes, no silver or brass bands. A couple of lambeg drums were out before the parade started on Royal Avenue, outside City Hall and then at Bedford Street. But being here means I get to see different people, including some parishioners, and a new set of banners to take photos of.

Weather has been great, sunny and warm although there's a bit of a breeze which makes it hard to photograph the banners as they wave.

After this I'm off to Banbridge to get my fill of pipe bands and lambeg drums on the return parade

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