Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day

The 4th of July is the Day of Independence for Americans, but seven years ago, it was also our Independence Day. In 2002, our graduation from Queen's was on this very day.

Don't we look well?! The photo wasn't great, and the scan hasn't helped much, but this was David and myself before we graduated in the Whitla Hall at Queen's University Belfast, having completed our BA (Hons) in Politics.

Thinking about Indepedence Day, though, makes me wonder about it all. Americans are justly proud of their rebellion against the British, to make them an independent nation, and many countries mark important dates in their history. Indeed, July is quite a bit month, with Independence Day on the 4th, the Battle of the Boyne on the 12th, and Bastille Day on the 14th. But are we right to celebrate independence?

Surely independence is at the root of all our sin - not needing God and his commands, just going our own way? To celebrate this form of independence is to turn our back on God, the most grievous thing that can be done in all creation.

The good news is that Jesus died to take the punishment for our rebellion, and that we can be welcomed in by God, turned around, and brought to a right dependence on our Creator and provider, even God our Father himself. Independence? No, give me dependence any day!

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