Friday, July 31, 2009

July Review

July is hurrying to a close, and so ends the seventh month of 2009. This is the 40th blog posting of the month, which makes it 283 in 2009 thus far, and just ten to set a new record of annual posts to beat the 292 of 2006. What has been happening on the blog this July?

Traditionally in Northern Ireland, July is a month of commemorations and celebrations, which was reflected on the blog. Most importantly, it was our first wedding anniversary, as well as my first Communion service. Other events such as the anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, Independence Day, the bonfires and especially Ballybeen's, the Twelfth in Belfast and Banbridge, and the Thirteenth in Scarva (cunningly both the latter were held on the wrong dates to confuse the tourists flocking to Orangefest and reassure them that we are just a bit Irish here!) were also reported.

There was some time away from Dundonald during the month, with a day trip to London for the UK and Ireland Launch of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (which also contained the month's only McFlurry's McLinks), and some time on the north coast at New Horizon.

This month's reading included The Deliberate Church, Drumcree, Sign of the Cross, God's Undertaker, and The Prodigal God.

On the preaching front, it was a busy month, with sermons from Psalm 125 (audio), and a series in 1 Corinthians 15 verses 20-34 (audio), 35-50 (audio), and 50-58 (audio).

I continued to reveal what's on my iPhone as we covered If In, Jacob to Jenny, Jesus, All Jesus, and Jigs and Jump: Just Dance.

However, the funniest post on the blog this year, and indeed, my favourite of all time (even surpassing The Great Toilet Roll Prediction Competition of 2005 which merited 24 comments), has to be another toilet related theme - what happens when a radio mic is accidentally left on in the toilet? Yes, it's the dangers of a radio microphone!

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