Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wimbledon, Here I Come. Not!

A few Sundays ago, I'd heard a guy from church talking about playing tennis with his brother. Ah, I thought, I like tennis, and can play a wee bit. Maybe we should play some day. Despite the fact that it's two or three summers since we played tennis, and my last organised games would have been back when I went to the summer scheme at Dromore Community Centre, about twelve years ago.

So earlier this week, we played some tennis. Or rather, he played some tennis and I struggled. The end result? 6-0 6-0 6-0. The Beatles were wrong. Love is not all you need- some points would be nice! Several times I had the opportunity of winning a game, but my service was letting me down- either too short or too long. Total humiliation, even though Richard tried to help me out with some training tips to improve my serves and returns.

So I won't be booking a place at Wimbledon in the near future. The British hopes won't be carried on these shoulders. But a good hour of exercise, especially running to get the ball all the time! A rematch has been planned for some time in August when we're back from holidays. Somehow I don't rate my chances too highly!

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