Thursday, July 09, 2009

McFlurry's McLinks (5) FCA Special

Following the UK and Ireland Launch of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA) on Monday in London, the blogs have been red hot with comments, reflections, debates, and discussion.

The Ugley Vicar had some reflections, more reflections, and some thoughts on financial implications. Nick Jones was present, as was Jody, the Radical Evangelical (in 2 parts), the Urban Pastor,

Some Anglo-Catholic reactions from Edward Tomlinson, Giles Pinnock (2 posts), and Ross Northing.

Stephen Sizer quoted Maria Mackey's Christianity Today article on the FCA Launch at length. Wannabepriest asks what would Ignatius do?

Transfigurations has the text of Archbishop Peter Jensen's speech.

James Cary writes on homosexuality and Nazir-Ali, while Peter Ould missed FCA but attended one of the rallies the night before.

As with all links, the opinions are those of the authors of the blogs and sites, and may not necessarily have my approval. Nevertheless, there is quite a range of opinion there, and lots to think through. If you know of any other blogs writing about FCA, leave a comment, to continue the debate.

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