Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bible Background

Last night was the final session of the term for Mindset, the youth leaders' training and support network. Trevor Johnston (Ireland Team Leader with Crosslinks) was speaking from James 3. The sermon was really good and a definite challenge on how we use our tongue because words are revealing (3:1-2), dangerous (3:3-8) and confusing (3:9-12).

But it was the first part of the evening that was perhaps particularly useful, especially if we were wanting to teach the letter of James to our youth groups. Taking four simple questions, we examined the background and context of the letter, in terms of the style of writing (proverbial, wisdom type of writing), audience (primarily Jewish Christians but now for all), situation (trials, persecution, hypocrisy and self-deception through disobedience), and the antidote (pray, receive the implanted word, and do it!).

Very simple questions with answers to be found within the text of the letter which help to understand the context and why James says what he says in the way he says it. A most useful exercise and one that could (and indeed should) be conducted prior to teaching a Bible book.

Mindset now takes a break for the summer, but details of further training events will follow in due course.

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