Friday, June 11, 2010

McFlurry's McLinks World Cup Special

Search on Google for 'World Cup' and you'll be presented with about 150,000,000 sites. Let's add another one to the total, with a special version of McFlurry's McLinks for the launch of the 2010 FIFA World Cup today in South Africa. It's just a pity that the Green and White Army of Northern Ireland aren't there, but to make up for it, here's some links to explore!

The Simple Pastor linked to the World Cup stadia. He also linked to the economics of the World Cup from Mint.

Rick Hill had some observations on the World Cup, and he's going for England to win. Don't think so Rick - I couldn't bear it if they did!

Bishop Nick Baines published some World Cup prayers.

On Slugger O'Toole, Mick Fealty wants anyone but Brazil and Germany to win.

On my Twitter feed, there was a classic tweet (which I can't find now, nor who composed it), but it went along the lines of - 'England have won the World Cup once, the rest of the world have won it every other time. The odds are in our favour!'

The FIFA website is hosting a fantasy football league for the World Cup, sponsored by McDonald's. One of my friends created a league - there's still time to sign up!

Perhaps the best blog on the subject was Church Mouse presenting the World Cup Bible (some real groaners contained here, but I might just use these over the next few days...).


  1. thanks for the shout out gary. everyone laughing at me for the england one but hey!!

    good blog,

  2. Please please remember in your blog, those of us who hate football!

  3. Thanks for the comment Rick. MrsMcF, I was hoping these links would get you more interested in it!