Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010 Review

This is the 18th blog post of the month, the lowest month for blog posts in the past two years, for good reason, although with some strange blog visitor stats. So what has been happening?

This was the month when we said farewell to a dearly loved family member, and found some words of comfort in a hymn. Yet we're also looking forward to a family wedding this Friday, and so there was the stag do of karting to enjoy. Also on the family front, we thought about entertaining little nieces!

The World Cup kicked off, with a special edition of McFlurry's McLinks to mark the occasion. England also provided some inspiration for a sermon illustration, but it wasn't my fault that they lost to Germany!

My preaching this month was from Philippians 3, Mark 8 (audio), Genesis 32, and Mark 9.

Just one book was read and reviewed (although another one got finished while on holiday just yesterday), and it was The Last Word - John Stott.

Along the way there were passing references to James Martin, Plan B and forbidden fruit.

My favourite post of the month was playing catchup, and in the 365 photo challenge, my photo of June was Drum Shades:
170/365:2010 Drum Shades

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