Monday, June 21, 2010

Playing Catchup

Isn't the world a very small place? Last Friday night I made my way over to Dundonald Presbyterian Church for a special service. Our friends there were welcoming their new minister at the service of Installation. William McCully was moving from his previous churches in Letterkenny, County Donegal to become the new minister in Dundonald. I think I've only ever been in Letterkenny once, so didn't think I would know him at all.

What a surprise, then, to find that he was originally from Drumgooland, not a million miles from Dromore - but a greater surprise was in store. It turns out that his brother-in-law was one of my friends from school! And there, in the middle of Dundonald, I saw Gordon Bingham for the first time in probably five years or so!

Dromore High Prefects 1996-97

This year we're thirteen years away from Dromore High School (Gordon is 3rd in from right on 2nd row from back), and spent some time remembering our days at the school, as well as having plenty to catch up on, and to meet his wife Helen! Gordon is now working for the Faith Mission in Cumbria, a brother gospel worker just across the water, so we were able to encourage one another in the work for the Lord as well.

The world truly is a small place, and the Lord can work in marvelous ways through his glorious providence. Through bringing his brother-in-law to minister alongside us here in Dundonald, I'm back in touch with Gordon, and hopefully will keep in better touch, particularly with the local link.

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