Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Just to point out that although I used the England team as an illustration in my sermon on Sunday, I am in no way responsible for their unfortunate demise and early exit from the World Cup. It was entirely the players' fault, as the Germans time and again exposed their poor defence and their inability to play as a team.

It was quite amusing though to find myself talking football with some of the older ladies at church on Sunday night!


  1. No Gary, sorry but it is all your fault - if you hadn't mentioned the England team in your sermon they definitely would have beaten the Germans...

    But you are right though, they were embarrassingly awful - probably plenty of sermon material left in there about commitment etc...

  2. Any other teams I should be mentioning in the next two Sundays to scupper their chances? It was nice of the World Cup to be on at this time to provide the illustration!

    So who do you think will win it now Daniel?

  3. I think Brazil look the most likely to win, but it would be great to see either the Dutch or the Spanish lift the trophy, (can't bring myself to support the Germans yet though!)