Thursday, December 16, 2010

McFlurry's McLinks (18)

It's been long overdue, so here's another batch of McFlurry's McLinks - some of the items from my Google Reader which have caught my eye and are for sharing. Nearer the big day there'll be another Christmas edition, so watch out for that!

Quaerentia had an interesting article on the conversion of Lauren Booth to Islam. Will and Testament wondered about seminary essays being ghostwritten. Above Every Name points to a church planter who thinks church should be more like a gay bar.

On blogging, Irish Calvinist Ordinary Pastor beat his blog coma (and changed his name!), and urges everyone, but especially pastors to be reading. Provost Kelvin explains how to read blogs. As the year reviews and lists on blogs begin, I managed to get into the top ten referrers to The Simple Pastor's blog.

The Simple Pastor (who is moving to Sweden!) thought about why secularists hate Christian youth festivals. In a similar vein, Dave Bish considers the historicity of Isaiah and the reality of the God of Israel, as well as the dynamic of preaching and who we're listening to. Tcsoko asks if you're consumed or consumer.

Kevin DeYoung opens 2 Peter to show why we must pursue holiness, and gives us Bible doctrine. The Ugley Vicar ponders prayer for the dead using that old 'Rest In Peace' formula. Here's a sad exercise in liberalism where the preacher seeks to 'rescue something positive from a gospel that is scary, frightening and downright creepy.'

Be safe on the roads in the bad weather - Belfast Taxi Driver reminds us how easy it can be to slip and slide.

I've been looking forward to the new Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawntreader, but I'm not so sure any more, having seen what étrangère, Trevin Wax and Dave Bish have written.

On with the funnies, and the Vicar's Wife wonders if you ever tartle. Hand of History had a political guide to Ireland for tourists. Mulled Vine writes great little tales, and the guest is hilarious!

Some videos too:

This one is very clever - how many movies do you recognise from these 270 films of 2010? (H/T Abraham Piper)

This one is immensely inspiring:

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