Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Ten Referrers for 2010

The Simple Pastor recently compiled a list of the top ten blog referrers to his site (in which I was 6th), using the tools of Google Analytics. I've been signed up to GA for ages and never really did anything with it, so here's the top ten blog referrers of this year:

1. After Darkness, Light. The blog of my brother-in-law, Bryan, labouring for the gospel in Scotland.

2. The Diary of a Reformed Workaholic. I've never met Ali, despite her living in Belfast and frequenting Ulster Rugby games. Always plenty of laughs going on her blog.

3. Rambling Rural Rector. The Venerable Craig who is across the border in the diocese of Kilmore and into his techie stuff - much more than me!

4. Mindkee. The blog of my sister-in-law, Louise, who writes some poetry, reflecting on Bible readings as well as devotional hymns.

5. Clerical Whispers. Perhaps the most random of the referrers, a kind of gossip site on all things clerical, although mostly Roman Catholic.

6. For The Fainthearted. Another minister, blogging from rural Ireland, sharing sermons and reflections from his life's experiences.

7. Bishop Alan. One of the English bishops who blogs fairly frequently on matters of faith, culture and society.

8. Virtual Methodist. The blog of another minister here in Dundonald - I can almost see his church from our house!

9. The Simple Pastor. I've never met Phil, but we've connected through blogging about advertising and issues relating to consumption and poverty.

10. St Aidan to Abbey Manor. Sadly David decided to stop blogging this year, because he was always worth reading.

I'm grateful to these blogs (and many others) for sending readers in my direction, and also for the things I learn from these people. Here's to hopefully lots more blogging and building relationships in 2011!


  1. wow lol! thats quite amazing, because it means some people somewhere must be reading my ramblings too!

  2. I'm sure lots of people are reading your blog!