Friday, December 24, 2010

McFlurry's McLinks - Christmas Special (19)

Here's a special seasonal supplement of McLinks, all with a Christmas theme. You can always read these if you've already smugly finished the shopping and wrapping and have nothing to do; or you can keep them for when the family are asleep having consumed too much turkey and brussel sprouts tomorrow.

347/365:2010 Christmas Bokeh

Quaerentia has a video of the conquest of a materialist temple with a resounding message, and a credal Hallelujah.

Tcsoko asks if you're feeling Christmassy.

Stuff Christians Like reflects on Code Adam.

Last Place You Look imagines Joseph being registered at the census.

Trevin Wax compares Caesar's Palace and Christ's Manger.

If you're still searching for a Christmas Family morning bible talk / sermon, David Keen has a Chocolate Christmas message.

Dave Bish points to who Christmas is for.

Kevin DeYoung considers Santa and Jesus (in two parts)

The Church Mouse asks what is your favourite Christmas carol?

Virtual Methodist asks what he have done with Christmas.

The Vicar's Wife asked about seasonal refreshments at Carol services.

Erik Raymond sees swaddling righteousness in the manger.

PaddyAnglican linked to this brilliant Christmas song by Frank Kelly - what if the Twelve Days of Christmas really happened?

And while most people have probably seen this by now, here's a digital Christmas...

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