Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Promise of His Coming (9)

We've recently just seen the end of a major road building project in Northern Ireland, with the A4 dual carriageway from the end of the M1 motorway at Dungannon being extended as far as Ballygawley. Months of hard work, planning, digging, levelling, laying, and finally the new road has been completed. Journey times from Belfast to Enniskillen are markedly quicker already.

In Isaiah 40, there's also a call for a new road, a major project. Not just a dual carriageway, but a highway for our God, the way of the LORD. It's not just going through the rough terrain of south Tyrone, but through the wilderness, in the desert. God is coming - the call is to be ready for his arrival.

Valleys shall be lifted, mountains made low, all becoming level, so that the glory of the LORD may be revealed. This is the message of Advent - God is coming, so be ready. It's the Advent warning and hope expressed by John the Baptist, who identifies himself as this voice crying in the wilderness as he prepares for the arrival of the Lord Jesus.

Are you ready for God's arrival?

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