Tuesday, August 01, 2006

BB Camp Photos

Well, I've finally managed to get my photos off the camera and renamed... So if you want to see a very few selected ones from France, go here, or for the full set of BB Camp photos, go here.

So I suppose I should write a short bit of commentary for the photos, or even just to explain what all we did...

Saturday was spent travelling - an early start to Newry for the bus, and then down to Dublin, across to Holyhead and down through Wales and England to Kent.

Sunday we paraded to Tonbridge Methodist Church, then back to the campsite for the official photographs. The afternoon was swimming for the boys and some of us went for a drive in the bus. At night was the evening service in the camp (traditionally known as the drumhead service), then the quiz.

Monday was the Low Ropes course, then we went to Royal Tunbridge Wells while the boys went soft rock climbing. The evening had the sports.

Tuesday was to London for the London Dungeon - full of frights and darkness, and some of us got false scars on our faces. We then walked along the Thames and across Tower Bridge to get the bus again, before going for a bus tour of London.

Wednesday was to Eastbourne, our trip to the seaside town.

Thursday was to Thorpe Park for the rollercoasters etc... until the thunder and lightning closed some of the rides.

Friday afternoon we went to Maidstone, then Friday night there was a boxing match (all scripted by the way), then a bit of a gentle riot as the boys paraded with flutes and flags while one of the officers produced a bag of gaelic flags and tricolours...

Saturday we travelled home again, although the HSS was an hour late, meaning we weren't into Dromore until 12.20am.

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