Wednesday, August 23, 2006


As I have recently pointed out, beta blogger is muchly improved, and now allows for 'labels' to be attached to postings. These enable you to group or file postings together by subject or topic or in whatever way you want... So, for example, if someone wanted to read all the postings I have which talk about 'snow' or 'rhinos', they could go down to near the bottom of the sidebar on the right hand side >>> and click on the appropriate word, and magically, all the posts relating to it would appear.

But, friend, don't be fooled into the above scenarios - I have never before commented on rhinos, and snow is not one of my labels! But there is a considerable list of them - go on, try it out, just to see!

As the labels feature is only new, I was going in to older postings to add the said labels, to make the blog easier to manage. So, there are, for definite, 28 postings of sermons, and 7 on bowling (to name but two examples). But what made me blog about my previous blogging was that it was a way of remembering incidents and funny things I had forgotten about. Suddenly things like me falling and hurting my thumb (and being re-named Thumbellina by the Wilky's), or the embarrassing moments that have happened in St Saviour's Dollingstown already, all were coming back to me and making me smile!

So for that reason alone, I'm glad to have the blog, to look back at where God has brought me this past year and a half (since I started blogging). But even better, you have been sharing in that journey too, adding comments along the way. So thank you, and keep commenting!

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