Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The North Coast

Well, even though I still have about a month and a half of holidays left, Lynsey has less than a week, so we decided to go away for the day, up to the north coast. I have to admit, that before yesterday I had never been to the world famous tourist attractions - the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and the Giant's Causeway (although according to my ma I was at the causeway when I was very young... but I don't remember it!).

The weather started nice, as we set off up the Antrim coast road, through Larne and on by Glenarm and Cushendall etc... for our first stop in Cushendun.

We then moved on and got to Carrick-a-rede. So off I ventured, across it... but I have to say, it wasn't as bad as what some people have previously made out - the bridge is wide and very secure, and it's all supervised!

Following lunch in the Causeway Hotel, we went down to the Giant's Causeway, but the rain came on. It wasn't too bad as we walked down the road, but at the bottom it was really heavy, so we had a quick look about, got a few photos and just made it onto the bus to come up the hill again (we were the last 2 allowed on!).

Thoroughly soaked, we came through Bushmills (not for the distillery, though) and went on to Portstewart, where we went for a walk round the coast to the strand, and back to enjoy Morelli's. And then, just as we came out, a pipe band was gathering for the concert at the bandstand, so we watched some of that until we were foundered!

Oh yeah - I'm still learning about the camera, and now realise that there's a slight loss of sound when it zooms in or out... but other than that, it seems to come off well, considering the wind was blowing half the sea onto us and the camera! Visit my site for more videos of Grove Pipe Band from last night, as well as lots of videos from parades.

A quick jaunt back to Portballintrae to call in with relatives, and then we made our way home, tired but very pleased with the north coast.

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