Friday, August 25, 2006

The PSNI Jedi Force

Tonight I was out for a walk - out the Banbridge Road and over Barban Hill, then out the Mound Road and back in by Mossvale Road. I'd already passed the police (PSNI) patrol on the Bann Road when I was heading out - they had the 'hairdrier' speed camera there... but by the time I was coming in the Mossvale Road, they had moved to there, and gathered up two more colleagues.

It was getting dark by then, and I could see the dark, shadowy figures standing where the wee lane goes round to Graham's yard and Mount Street. Oh no, says I to myself (cos there was no one else with me) - who can these shadowy figures be? Am I about to be beaten up or mugged? Will my mini disc player be taken off me?

And then a car passed me... the shadowy figure moved out into the middle of the road and the lightsaber appeared! The wide circular movement and then the waving to stop the car. To my relief it was the Police!

The incident got me thinking about how the police are sometimes like the Jedi knights from Star Wars... From battling hostile enemies across the galaxy (or at least Norn Iron), to wielding those lightsabers (or lightsabres if you prefer..). Their landrovers can move fairly quick - some might say at lightspeed or warp factor when the petrol bombs are flying in. Plus, just like Luke Skywalker, some of them might be unsure of their fathers - at least when they come under verbal attack from the previously mentioned hostile enemies.

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