Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Suffering for my art

I got a new camera on Saturday - after a long time of looking and comparing prices and movie features and mega pixels etc... So of course, I want to be using it, to get the good of it.

On Monday, after I'd been working for a while, and my head spinning with inclusion and exclusion theory, I decided to go for a walk. Started off down the riverside walk, trying to get photos of the Cathedral, but the trees and all are so overgrown it was impossible to get a nice angle... continued in round the park and out to the viaduct, where it seems some bad stuff has been happening, according to the Dromore Leader a few weeks back - please note, this is not suitable for younger readers.

Anyway, back to my walk... I then went up over Barban Hill, and coming down the other side, noticed a good view of the Cathedral. So I climbed up onto what I thought was a bank... only to discover it was actually a ridge, and down the other side I went, feet first into lots of nettles! Thankfully I only was stung once, on my finger, and it's fine now. So I pockled up again and got my balance on top of the ridge for some photo-taking. Here's the result:

Good to see the new roof on the Cathedral looking so well!

I then got down from the ridge and started walking, only to find something in my shoe... a snail! I have no idea how it managed to get in, possibly during my freefall... but I got it out (undamaged) and went on my merry way! Next stop was the Mound, and got some photos and also a video of the town from the top of the mound. What an adventure!

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