Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Little ole lonesome me

Yeah, as I said last week, Lynsey had less than a week left at home, and today she has started her new year at university. The big year. 4th year. And with all the trouble with flying, she ended up having to go by boat, bus and train... not very pleasant, although it gave her the chance to talk to a Mormon woman on the bus!

With Lynsey away, then, it means I'm a bit like a lost puppy! No more trips to Dromara every night - not sure her mum would appreciate me sitting there annoying her! Having said that, I still have the research project to finish, hopefully by the end of August, with a rake of interviews and visits to be completed before I do the write up.

As well as that, I have a couple more preachings to do before the end of the summer - this Friday night at a youth event in Newtownards for Mark - a guy I went to uni with all those years ago; then on Sunday week taking the final Summer Praise of the year in the Cathedral.

Then in September, we have the start of Northern Ireland's Euro Championship qualifier games - 2 home games, against Iceland (2nd Sept) and Spain (6th Sept), before I head over to Dundee for a week! Oh - and mentioning Northern Ireland - we have a friendly game tomorrow night against Finland away. It's being shown live on BBC2 NI and on Radio Ulster. 'Green and White Army!'

And then the end of the month signals my return to Dublin, and the start of second year at CITC. How quickly the summer is passing!

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