Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Review

This is my 274th blog posting of 2007, and will probably be my last of this year, which means it is time for the annual year review posting! Last year, I had 292 postings, so I haven't blogged just as much this year. Having said that, I've had over 15,000 page views, so thank you for visiting!

What has unfolded in 2007?

January started with me being unwell, but quickly recovering to allow me to enjoy the last few days before Lynsey went back to Scotland. During that time I discovered the best way to slow me down, as well as tasting pheasant and venison. I also penned a few posts on Lamentations, which you can see here, here and here. Another new feature in January was the proper use of Flickr!

February brought my new toy, and a couple of sermons - here and here. I also visited Scotland during this month, but not for the last time in 2007!

The main highlight in March was the Councils Challenge. Robert and myself on a road trip around Northern Ireland, visiting every district council in the one day! There was also the disappointment of another Schools Cup Final defeat for Wallace.

April was the month of Easter, and I had some special postings for Holy Week. It also saw the football match between Union College and CITC. Least said about that the better! On a brighter note, granny turned 80, and mum turned 60.

May was the month of second year exams, which were passed! It also seemed to be the beginning of my 1 Peter summer, as I blogged a bit about it, and also preached on it.

June was probably the month when my photo-taking really kicked off. I really liked this photo. There was a trip to Liverpool, and a few days in Scotland.

July was the month of Bryan and Louise's wedding, Summer Madness, and lots of preachings in Annalong, Dundonald, and Dromore.

August was my summer placement month in Romania. My time with the Smiles Foundation was very special and I will never forget the people I worked with, and the faith of the people out there. Our God is a great big God!

September was back to college and the beginning of my new placement in Drumgooland and Drumgath.

October was the least blogged month, with just 10 posts, although, looking back, the postings weren't high in numbers for the whole second half of the year. I'll have to work harder at producing some content on the blog in 2008! The most notable thing from this month had to be my 'return' to school.

November was the start of the Appointment of Candidate Deacons process, or as we know it better, the Curacy List. A month on, and we're still in the thick of it!

December has been another quiet month on the blog, with some reflections on Advent and Christmas, and some photos being shared.

In my next postings, I'll look forward to 2008 and bring you my favourite photos from 2007. Until then, happy new year!

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