Monday, March 19, 2007

Wallace still without the School's Cup

It is with great sadness that I report on the rugby game at Ravenhill this afternoon. The Schools Cup Final of 2007. Wallace out for their first win, and RBAI out for their 29th victory. It was a wild and stormy day, with some rain showers... and very cold on the terraces!

In the first half, Inst got a try in the 13th minute, and that was the scoring done. Wallace's defence holding them well. Sadly, not so much forward movement for Wallace.

In the second half, Wallace put together some good moves, but the passing failed them... and when they ran forward, they always ran into the brick wall of Inst's defence. There was simply no way through for Wallace, yet the valiantly kept trying. However, Inst piled on the pressure, getting a penalty, and towards the end converted a try to bring the 15-0 scoreline.

So, from a blustery Ravenhill, it was disappointment for Wallace High School, and victory (yet again) for the Royal Belfast Academical Institution.

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