Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oh What a Night! (2007 Remix for Sweden)

I'm not long home from Windsor Park, and oh how happy I am!!! Somehow, David Healy and Northern Ireland have done it again! We've moved to the top of the Qualifying Group F by beating Sweden 2-1 tonight in Belfast. Yes, David Healy got both the goals, but it was a whole team effort - all the lads playing their hearts out; defending well when needed, and attacking with passion and some skill.

It seemed that it would be a disappointing night when Sweden took the lead, but shortly after, Healy grabbed an equaliser. And then in the second half (again from open play), Johnston went up the right wing in a counter-attack, and crossed for Healy to score the winner! While the Swedes piled on the pressure in the second half, the defence kept them out, as well as Maik Taylor, who was outstanding. There was one moment of fear, when Sweden attacked, and one of our defenders hit the ball out for a corner, only for it to bounce off the post... relief that it went away!

Oh, and the best bit of the night? I managed to get both of David Healy's goals on camera... see below for the full clip!


  1. Any wonder Neil was hoarse after 20 minutes! madness!!
    We won!! woot woot!

  2. Top class camera work.

    Amazing result, looks like we are for the Euros.

  3. flippin cracking footage mate esp the first goal keep er lit. gawa