Sunday, March 18, 2007

Return home

I'm now back home again from my latest travelling - having got in shortly after midnight last night. There was some fierce winds on the motorway on the way up, but I got home all the same.

Yesterday I was travelling via the bus and then the plane... so I saw the first 60 minutes of the Ireland game and nothing after that. So imagine my puzzlement when I got to the security area at Edinburgh Airport, and the security guy starts a whole big chat about the rugby, and saying how disappointing it had been for us with the controversial late try... [I must point out that I was wearing my Ireland rugby shirt at the time... he wasn't just randomly talking to strangers]. I hadn't heard about the France game at all - other than they had won and took the Championship. So the guy had to explain the whole thing, and told me he didn't think it was a try at all!

The flight was quite rough, both in taking off, and in landing due to the heavy rain and winds about last night... so I was glad to be touching down at Dublin.

It being Mothering Sunday, we're heading out for dinner later on... yum yum!

Later on - if I remember - I'll write up the 26 Councils Challenge...

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