Friday, March 23, 2007


Sometimes I think I would forget my head if it wasn't attached... Today ma and da decided that they wanted to go somewhere seeing as ma was off and da had finished his working week this morning. So off we went to Bangor. Culchie day out. Or something like that. Why Bangor? I don't know... we seem to go there quite a lot, but the parentals like it, and there's a decent bookshop called Bookends so I can handle it. Oh, and quite a few charity shops for books too!

The M1 citybound was hectic today... really busy... so much that we were queued back to beyond the Stockman's Lane bridge. But we got through anyway, and as we were going along the Sydenham bypass, suddenly it dawned on me that I had forgotten my mobile phone. Quick check - no, it isn't on the dashboard, and it isn't in my pocket. So in my getting ready I had forgotten to lift it off the bedside table. No problem, sure I'll text Lynsey from ma's phone when we get to Bangor to let her know I'm ok and just a bit ditsy. [I wasn't really expecting anyone else to text, and if you had, I'm sure it would have waited until I got home again]

Except when we got to Bangor, I completely forgot about texting, and ma and da were away off before I remembered... Oops!

It seems that the forgetfulness was spreading though. Being an Ulster lad, I quite like a bowl of champ. So I went into a cafe chain which does a good bowl of champ for about £2, and went downstairs to await my lunch. Ten minutes later it still hadn't arrived, and I got a bit concerned... were they planting and harvesting the spuds for me? Just then one of the workers arrived down bringing someone else's lunch, and she was very apologetic for them forgetting about me!

So anyway, back to my being beyond contact. It led me on to think that God is never out of range - he can always hear out prayers, if we will but call on him!

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