Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Surfing without wires

It is with great delight that I report that we're now wirelessly connected at home. For almost a year, I had been on broadband at home - connected through a USB cable, and it was fine. But then Neil got a laptop for his birthday last week, and he wanted in on the action too. And so we had to upgrade our Orange broadband to the Unlimited wireless one.

It had arrived last week, but without anyone to sign for it and me in Scotland, it was only today that we got the Livebox. So from 12 noon until now, I've been trying to get it set up... Part of the problem was that the installation CD wouldn't work on my laptop, then Neil's new laptop was Vista, then we had signal but no connection, then we had connection but no pages coming up.

But eventually, and thankfully, we have both signal and connection and internet! I'm now able to enjoy freedom in the house when it comes to the internet... no wires - except the power cable as my battery has been run down so much! Neil's so far only on the ethernet cable, but hopefully I'll get his wireless set up soon!

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