Friday, March 02, 2007

Pick n mix religion

I've previously mentioned the Slacktivist writings - in particular his Left Behind comments. But the other day he has blogged an interesting article called 'McFaith'. For me, it seems to document the pick-n-mix approach to religion we see in today's society, where everything is relative, and there's no such thing as capital T Truth.

Here's the start of it, click here for the rest!

PAT: Ugh. This is Coke.

MIKE: What's wrong with Coke?

PAT: It's got caffeine in it. I can't have caffeine. I'm Jewish.

MIKE: You're what?

PAT: Jewish. We're not allowed to have caffeine.

MIKE: Dude, you're not Jewish. And even if you were that wouldn't mean you couldn't have caffeine.

PAT: Hey this is America, I can be whatever I want to be.

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