Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Councils Challenge

Northern Ireland is probably over-governed... After all, we elect MPs to Westminster, we have the Assembly (which we recently elected), and we also have local councils. Twenty-six of them, to be exact, as you can see on the right hand side.
Back in August, I did the Six Counties Challenge with mum and dad. We managed to pass through all six counties of Northern Ireland in one day.

At the time, I wondered if it were possible to do the twenty-six councils in one day. This has taken on a greater importance, given that in just two years time, we will lose our 26 councils, and instead have the seven so-called 'super councils'.

I'm still not sure if it's possible to do the 26, but Robert and me are going to give it a go. One day in the next two weeks, we are going to set off and do it. As proof of our accomplishment, we're going to get a photograph of every boundary sign - you know the 'Welcome to Banbridge District Council' type that greets you on the road. Over the next few days I'm going to try and plan the best route... And then hope that there are boundary signs on the roads we choose - just this afternoon, I noticed that the Banbridge council sign is missing from the Ballynahinch Road on Dromore - which is probably the route I had planned as my grand finale...

So, your comments are invited - do you think it possible to do The Councils Challenge???

[PS - My regards for the map are due to CAIN - the Conflict Archive on the Internet - based at the University of Ulster]

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