Friday, March 16, 2007

Adventures in Scotland

How quickly the time seems to go when away from home... I'm fast approaching my last night in Scotland (for another while), and can only remember the week that has gone. So what have I been up to while here?

Lynsey hasn't been well... so aside from looking after her, I've managed to get away for a wee while each day. Tuesday, I just went down into Dundee for the usual round of bookshops etc... although I may already have told you about that.

Wednesday I went to Broughty Ferry. I've been there before - it's a wee village up the coast from Dundee, which is very nice. It also has a castle, and a (windy) path along the shore from the village to the castle. When I was there, a family of swans had encamped on the roadside and seemed to be having a meeting! I also managed to get a special parcel posted - so Kosova, be ready!

Yesterday I was in pastures new, visiting the city of Perth. Got a lift with Louise, which was nice - and no scary moments this time! My first stop was the Black Watch Regiment's Museum, where I did the full tour. It's kind of similar to Enniskillen Castle or the regimental museum in Armagh (can't remember which regiment at this moment in time). I then stumbled into the Scottish Episcopal Cathedral, and had a look round it... but the lights weren't on, and there was only a cleaning lady in it who didn't talk...

Today I've been over to St. Andrew's (where Prince William attended university). As is my custom, I found a wee bookshop, and wandered about the main streets. I didn't go down to the ruined cathedral and castle this time as it was very windy! Then I came back on the bus, and did the last wee bit of picking up stuff from Dundee - some discount music books in the Wesley Owen bargain basement and another wee book in the bookshop.

So after watching the Ireland game tomorrow it's back on the bus to Edinburgh, the plane to Dublin, and the car home to Dromore!

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