Thursday, March 29, 2007

British Summer Time

Or maybe you would prefer to call it Daylight Savings Time. No matter. Tis the same thing! It's always great when the clocks go forward and we have the light for longer in the evenings. On Sunday night it was nice to be sitting in the Cathedral for the evening service, and for daylight to still be streaming through the windows. Makes a change from the dark evenings of winter where we go into church in the dark...

The other thing about BST is that it can provide a laugh for churches! On Sunday morning I was preaching in Dollingstown and Magheralin (for the sermon, see the separate posting), and we were singing the final hymn, when in walked a family arriving (as they thought) for the start of the service. Guess they forgot to put their clocks forward! Then a family were telling me they had done the same in Dromore as well! But they didn't go in, they just drove past and on back home again.

However, there's almost a professional danger in British Summer Time for those working - what if the preacher forgets to set his clock forward, or sleeps in? Especially with an 8.30am Holy Communion service...

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