Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Pheasant (and the venison too...)

Continuing my occasional food reviews, tonight we were in The Pheasant for a meal. Being there at 5,30pm, we were on the Lunch/Early Bird menu, rather than the main menu.

With a good range of choice, even on the 'smaller' menu, I thought I would go for something a wee bit different. So I plumped for the Gamekeeper Tower. A magnificent feast! Contained within was a venison burger, and a pheasant burger, between dried tomato bread with onions and some sort of sauce; and a generous side salad.

This was my first time having either venison or pheasant, and they were both nice. They weren't labelled, so I'm not sure which was yet - one was darker meat and the other sort of white... and I preferred the darker meat. But I think it'll be something I have again!

The only down sides to the meal were that the chips were very thin - a bit like McDonalds fries; and that the 'Profit Roles' (wrongly spelt profiteroles on the wrongly spelt 'desert' menu!) came with toffee sauce, and not chocolate sauce!

But all in all, a good feast to be had at the Pheasant.

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