Monday, January 22, 2007

Le Weekend

Just a wee quick posting to update on the weekend's activities... Thursday I was up in Castledawson for a funeral - the Presbyterian Church was packed. It was good to see friends from BB Camp again, but not so good given the circumstances. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy family.

Friday was placement, the final day, and into hospital again to do some visiting, and managed to combine it with family visiting too. Then on Friday night it was off to Lisburn for a birthday meal for Scott (who is rapidly approaching thirty... yeah, I know, I'm not 'that' far behind him...). We were in Ed's, the quite new place, and it was very good.

It must have been the weekend time for birthdays - yesterday I was at Korin's birthday party, she being 2 and very cute! And then today, four of my bebo friends all have birthdays - which is craaaazy!

So anyway, back to the weekend - Saturday I had a lie in, then away with me ma to Lisburn (not so far this week) and Tesco, then finished off my sermon for Magheralin, which was preached yesterday morning and is contained in the previous posting.

That's really all I have to update on... quite a busy time... which won't stop now as we're into the new timetable, being in the second semester - halfway through the year properly now!!! Tonight we have College Fellowship with Maurice Elliott speaking on the practicalities of preaching.

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