Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dublin's trials and tribulations

And so I find myself back in Room 21, in Dublin once more for the start of the new term. Already, I've been met with some challenges and trials, and term hasn't started yet.

For one, the toll bridge fee has gone up at the Boyne. To beat the troll under the toll bridge and bypass Drogheda, you now have to splash out 1 euro 70, rather than 1.60. Thankfully, Robert knew about it as he had been down on the bus last week, so we were ready for that one. I'll have to mind it in future when I'm getting my change sorted before the journey north.

Then I land into my room, open the door, and am met by the base of a bed, standing to greet me! Oh no, I think, someone has stripped my bed and stood it upright as a practical joke for my return, but no, my bed is as it was... It (and the accompanying mattress) must have been left in my room for storage and forgotten about. Now, as you may know, these rooms are small enough without having an extra bed in them, any way up... I've managed to stand it up against the built-in bookcase at one end of the room so I can at least move about, get in and out, and access my wardrobe. It'll be moved in the morning, I'm telling ya!

But in the midst of these trials, there is one bright spot. Indeed, the fact that I can tell you about them at all is that bright spot. Yes, the wireless network seems to be properly working for me in my room! I've been able to access hotmail properly, as well as see my counter stats and review ebay purchases, and now blog. Is this just the first night success, as no one else is trying to access the network, but we'll be back to regular service tomorrow when everyone is back at college? Who knows... but in the meantime, I'm making use of the facilities while I can!

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  1. If 10c and an extra bed are your greatest trials and tribulations, you'll get through life ok. Don't worry. Just enjoy the efficient wireless service while it lasts!