Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Men's Night

This evening we intended to go to the new Pizza shop in Dromore for dinner. Well, I say new, but it has been opened over a year now, in Princes Street. I can't mind the name of it, but it's rather good!

Sadly, however, the shop was closed for the holidays, so instead we went down to Lisburn to Quincy's. It's situated at the Omniplex complex, and always provides good food as well. If you make it there between 4pm and 7pm, then the Early Bird menu is great. First up, is the free starter - we went for the pick and mix starter, so there were ribs, drumsticks, nachos, onion rings, and cheesy things galore! The main meal was also great stuff.

However, the thing we noticed was that all the waiting staff were men. No women at all on the staff last night. So how can this be? How do they get away without employing women? Are men the better waiters?

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  1. have you tried the pizza shop on bridge street? had one in September and it was great! different type(ish) to mamma mias but equally good. fancy going there tonight....??