Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Firefox to the rescue!

Well well... after Internet Explorer causing me so much bother, it looks like Mozilla Firefox is coming to my rescue! Whereas IE would only let me work with one window open (opening a second caused a crash), Firefox is letting me open as many as I want - not that I'm using hundreds or anything... but it will be handier when searching for links to put in postings etc.

So success, for the meantime!


  1. taken you long enough! :-P

    Ctrl+T opens a new tab, Ctrl+W closes each tab. That way you don't need new 'windows' far better, leaves you less cluttered... Ctrl+PgUp/PgDown moves between tabs.

    Good boy.

  2. + a second monitor even better.
    + just cos you look taller from far away you tall person.