Friday, January 05, 2007

Topping the Google Searches

As I've previously blogged about, I'm using Bravenet as my main stat counter. One of the features it provides is the list of referrers for the last ten people to visit the site. It tells me if someone clicked through, and if so, then what site they came from.

I think I can vaguely remember blogging about the strange searches which have directed people to my site. Really random things, like 'Simon, another magi, Acts 8 sermons'; or 'John Eldredge in Dublin.' Obviously, I have put some combination of the words together in the past, which brings people to the site.

Recently I've noticed that my visitor numbers have been increasing, with lots of referrers. The past three days we have had 41, 35 and 39 visits... quite a lot! And do you know the strange thing? Most of them are coming from google searches. In most of the searches coming in, I'm making it to the top page of the results (1-10)... I have no idea how it's happening, but there must be something about this blog, and the last two years that is getting the readers in!

So if this is your first time, or your thousandth time, keep reading, and keep coming back! Oh, and leave a wee comment - it won't hurt you, and might even provoke a bit of discussion!

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