Wednesday, January 03, 2007

'Celebrity' Big Brother

Yeah, imagine me writing about this, but we happened to catch the entry into the house tonight at the start of 'Celebrity' Big Brother. I almost felt like ringing the Trading Standards people and taking Big Brother up under the Trades Descriptions Act... Yeah, so I might have heard of the Jackson Five (and hence whichever one of them that is in there - not Michael, not Janet...), and the A-Team; Steps and S Club 7; and even Leo Sayer (vaguely)... but who are the rest? Are they actually celebrities? how are these celebrities chosen?

I won't be watching the rest of it... but based on tonight's display, there'll be a lot of effing and blinding on it... (swearing, for the rest who don't understand me!)


On the Big Brother theme, though, I see that one of the auditions for the next Big Brother series is going to be held in Dublin soon... Would an Anglican ordinand be strange enough to get on the show? Should I have a go at it? Over to you...


  1. Having checked it out, the audition in Dublin is Wednesday 31st January at the RDS... anyone coming along?

  2. i do believe Harron talked about auditioning for it one time. or maybe it was Castaway or Shipwrecked - shipwrecked more likely, as we always watched it on a sunday before lunch after church (this was before he got a wife to make his lunch and buy orange juice for him)! :-)

  3. Don't do it Gary!


  4. NO!you really dont want to do it!! Lyns.xo

  5. Trust the women in your life Gary. They clearly want what is best for you.

    The men, at best, want to laugh at your expense.

    Believe me. I know.

  6. The 'women in your life' - such an odd phrase!!! Rather interesting though.

    Although, Primrose, to be absolutely fair, there's only one woman in my life!

  7. Oh Gary, there are lots of women in your life, whether you like it or, of course, Lynsey is the number one woman in your life.

    Lynsey is, after all...
    ... the one whom you love in a way that you love no other,
    ...the one to whom you have committed yourself,
    ...the one for whom you would walk to the ends of the world and back,
    ...the one because of whom you find yourself doing things you never did before,
    ...the one with whom you long to be,
    ...the one who makes trousers wet to the knees worthwhile,
    ...the one before whom you were a mere shadow of the man you are today,
    ...the one without whom you are just like a little lost puppy,
    ...the one from whom you will receive the most precious gift a woman can give - herself.

    But, we, the other women in your life, have roles to play as well...think about us....

    - Ma who cooks and does your laundry, and loves to talk about the trees.
    - Gran who spoils you and slips you fivers.
    - The old ladies in Magheralin who think you are just wonderful.
    - Mrs McFarland and her Union of Mothers with all their jiggery pokery, promises, handshakes and hugs.
    - Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, your queen.
    - Mrs Wilkinson, for allowing you across the threshold of her home.
    - Louise, the woman who will join Bryan and you in matrimony.
    - Primrose, the one who writes thoughtful comments on your blog.

    Don't forget us Gary. We're important too...I hope.

  8. Primrose, you say the thing so much more eloquently than I ever could! That was what I meant...

    How many blog postings did you read through (and remember) to get all those individual details?

    I won't forget about the 'other' women in my life - you're still important, but not just as important as Lynsey!

    Thanks for a great comment!

  9. Gary, I think you underestimate me...I read every word you write on your blog. And, I remember anything you write of any significance. (Yes, I did happen to find the jiggery pokery very significant when applied in the context of the Mothers Union!!)

    So, thank you for so publicly declaring that we, the other women in your life, are important too, and promising to remember us (for surely, "I won't forget" implies, if it doesn't mean, "I promise to remember".)

    Enough for tonight because the power is out. It was just out in 1 of the 3 phases for most of the evening, but since 22:03 it has been out house-wide. What joy! It's freezing here too...but not in my house...ah, I love my wood stove!

    Oh boy....I'm gone!