Monday, July 25, 2005

Back to work...

Well, after three weeks of holidaying, I now find myself back in Newtownstewart, to do some more work for a wee while, until my Dublin adventure begins!

Yesterday two months will be my first day in Dublin, although as far as I know, that first day (a Saturday) will be a tour of Dublin! Time seems to be going so quickly, with the countdown getting closer. But I'm still looking forward to it, and can't wait to get started, even on the Greek (and possibly Hebrew... I can now see the merit in doing both languages to have a foundation in them to aid future sermons and understanding).

So what will I be doing in the meantime? Well, through the day, I am still with West Tyrone Voice, although now working on a similar, but different project, still involving setting up training courses and the usual stuff! Evenings in August will hopefully be spent touring about a bit up here, in Tyrone, Londonderry and Donegal, while I'm still in this area, so my Wednesday evening drives will be back on schedule, as well as doing some sermon prep for when I'm next preaching. I've also got a family wedding reception to go to, Derry Day, Black Saturday in Newtownards, a day out in Dublin and maybe even a weekend in Rostrevor!

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