Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Just a quick posting...

The conference was good today again, then we went out for a meal with the other students tonight. It was in a pizza place beside London Bridge. Then afterwards we came to the London Eye, opposite the Houses of Parliament, and went up in it. The view wasn't bad, although, it being about 8pm, it was a bit dull.

We then crossed the river again, and because the flag was up on the Palace of Westminster, we knew the House was in session. So we went in to the public gallery of the Commons. It seems to be a lot smaller than it does on the tv.... The debate was on immigration, so we stayed about 10 minutes.

We then took a quick walk back to the net cafe here, opposite Victoria station - we then only have to go through the station and out the other side to get to our hotel.

And I must apologise to David and Stanley, as, on at least two occasions last night, I talked in my sleep... dear help my colleagues in Dublin!!!

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